Senaste nytt

OKEY PEOPLE!! RADIO OSKARSHAMN goes SUBTROPICAL 156 RADIO Oskarshamn. The Work with SubTropical Radio Have now just started for real! Under big transformation n construction! Now Anna Olin Diaz is the Boss????️?
Already now u can listen a lot of Reggae, Dancehall n Hip-Hop in the SubTropical Radio Oskarshamn! Listen in the tunein app search for ”Radio Oskarshamn” for now or at here of course ?

It will come more AfroBeat n different reggae genres, mixtapes n shows. Be ready for it! The Jazz n Soul n Rock shows from ”old” Radio Oskarshamn will of course continue have a slot! But the pulse n base in this station is now Tropical n Urban. Jamaican genres, Hip-Hop n Afro beats.

AND all tunes u send, TAG THEM if possible: artist, title, year, genre. And we want clean versions from now! THANK U! Help us build up uP UP UPP the most vybzi, sweet tasting, energy pumping, cool rush Radio Station SUBTROPICAL 156 RADIO Oskarshamn!?????️?????️??????

????And thank u million times for all the suport u give me n my crew??