SubTropical #156

SubTropical #156
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Reggae/Dancehall Show at Radio Oskarshamn!

Sundays at 3pm cet!

Our SubTropical156 show with Anna Olin Diaz have now gone viral all over and the most listeners we have live on air and on FACEBOOK LIVE. Follow us on Subtropical and Anna Olin Diaz on Facebook to catch the live show. And on Instagram  & YouTube

We on Radio Oskarshamn continue to spread the Caribbean music around the world even if Mr Fika Dub from Our no 1 show, Caribbean Fika Dub, can’t do it anymore because of his death, We Can!

The show SubTropical#156 is produced and hosted by Anna Olin Diaz (the program controller, producer of Caribbean Fika Dub and the widow of Mr Fika Dub) who along with two other selectors, The Cheezemaster (Marcus Christersson, a local reggae collector nerd) and Señor Yadir (Yadir Fidalgo Trujillo, that also was a part of Caribbean Fika Dub, in the sequence Calinavia, stated in San Fransisco) play. Three selectors with mixed taste and knowledge in different areas! Anna switch sidekicks now and then and right now the most frequent one is the mysterious fruit lady / warrior rabbit in mask. You Will get interviews from national and international reggae and dancehall artists all around.

It will be a very enjoyable show where you are going to go high up and around un the rhythms of the SubTropical subway train, where the rhythms, heavy bass and back beats will vibrate into your smallest cells! Do NOT miss this!

Mr Fika Dub’s wish was for the station to continue spread the good words of life and play reggae and caribbean music, for the world through the vibes of Radio Oskarshamn. Caribbean Fika Dub, was Ariel Diaz Garcia, so this is no try to do the same. We will do it in our way, with his strong memory present. And NOW we have found out how we will do it.

Welcome SupTropical #156!! Every second Sunday 3pm cet

DOWN you find the links to the podcast of some previous subtropical shows, but because the show is most popular live now theres no reason for more podcast. You find the more resent shows on Facebook, n on replay at the radio or some on youtube.

SubTropical#156/25 SubTropical#156 w/ Anna Olin Diaz & Roberth Walve. Today some Horizon Riddim, Alive Again Riddim, Caliente Riddim n artists like Ras Ghandi, Macka Diamond, Konshens, Masicka, Popcaan, Sizzla, Peter Tosh, Savage, T.O.K and many more.
Producer, host & Selector: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick: Roberth Walve
Radio Oskarshamn 2017

SubTropical#156/24 Equal Rights? SubTropical#156 with Anna Olin Diaz och Roberth Walve at Radio Oskarshamn. This show almost all about Oral Sex!! and Equal rights in and outside the bedroom. We talk about Ishawnas new song Equal Rights and all that have come with it, Kiprich, Don Vital, Prince Pin, Ninja Man, Menace Darkead, and many more! WIcked Show!! What we say, do what u like in the bedroom and with your partner as long as no force or violence is involved and you dont hurt no one. And also dont push your oppinion on no one, just because u here a song that dosent mean that u need to do as it say RIGHT?? Equal HUman Rights to express your mind trhrouh Music Words n Actions.Producer, host & Selector: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick: Roberth Walve
Radio Oskarshamn 2017

SubTropical#156/23 Easy start of Subtropical156 2017. Anna & Cheezemaker play some big tunes, Artists like Techqnuices, Dillinger & Trinity, Joe Higgs, Nesbeth, Tony Rebel, Big Youth and many more. Some specially to tríbute the stations own Mr Caribbean Fika Dub Ariel Diaz Garcia, that died a year ago tomorrow. LOVE N THANKS N THE BIGGEST BIG BIG BIG UP TO YOU ARIEL!! N big up yourselfes!
Producer, host & Selector: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick & Selector: Marcus Cheezemaker Christersson
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/22 Interview with Singer Jah In this show number 22 of SubTropcal#156 you get an interview with the artist Singer Jah that Anna meet in the streets of Half Way Tree, Jamaica, in the summer. We play Team Jamaica Bolt For Gold by Singer Jah. Youll here many big tunes by Capleton, Menace Darkead, Loyal Flames, Konshens, D-Major, U-Roy, Meta and The Cornerstones, Antony B, Barry Brown, Scientists, Exco Levi and many more! Enjoy Life and Brake free!!
Producer, Host and Selector: Anna Olin Diaz
Side-Kick and Selector: MArcus Cheeemaker Christersson
For Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/21 Interview with Rasta Dave n Marcus Garvey Speach In this show we give u alot of roots n some great talk with Rasta Dave fron Red Light district up inna di Blue Mountains of Jamiacia on MArcus Garveys birthday. So Youll here his speach played from Rasta Daves little store n great music from the legends like Peter Tosh,  Gregory Isaacs, Burning Spears, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Ken Booth, Dillinger, Delroy Wilson and some new from Vybz Kartel, Nesbeth n Menace-Darkead
Producer, Host, Selector: Anna Olin Diaz
Selector n Sidekick: MArcus ”Cheezemaker” Christersson
for Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/20 Just the love of this Music The Cheezemaker and Anna do the it right. Some new dancehall tune from Menace Darkead, some request, Youg Dillinger, Big Youth, Israel Vibration, The Pioneers, Mad Cobra, Max Romeo and alot more. Enjoying the Music to the top. Thats what tis Music is all about…spiritual vibration to the inner of your bones and mental frequenzes! Reggae Music people!! Pure Love.
Producer, selector & host: Anna Olin Diaz
Side-kick and selector: Marcus Cheezemaker Christersson
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/19 Interview with Kozmik Consciousnez In todays show you’ll get an phoneinterview with the Jamiacan artist Kozmik Conscioucnez! He spread his philosopy of Life and his great Music that is going to reach faaar. More wicked Music, requests and even Winner of a soldering iron. Listen and enjoy!! BIG UP UP to KOZMIK CONSCIOUSNEZ!
Producer, Host & Selector: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick: Roberth The Boss Man Walve (Normaly Marcus Cheezemaker Christersson but he was busy today)
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/18 Clinton Fearon do the CheezeMaker! CLinton Fearon have made us som incrible drops!! He make ”Marcus the Cheeze Marcus Maker”. So from now on Cheezeboy is Cheezemaker! We have interviews with Stacya Fyah och Gryzzly Grym Minister from Halv Way Tree, Jamaica. And alot of greeeeeeat Music like Always. Follow us on Facebook SubTropical156 for video and info and alot of fun.Producer, Selector & Host: Anna Olin Diaz
Selector & Sidekick: Marcus the cheezemaker Christersson
Selectror & Historian: Yadir Fidalgo Trujillo
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/17 In this show Cheezeboy return to the studio and The oss Man and Cheeze gets gift from Jamaica. You hear interviews with DJ Don Kingston, the chef of the Rastarant King David and the bead work and tam seller Rasta man Jah City. Ofcourse you get a lot of great Music and requests. In this show Anna gor both The Boss and the Cheezeboy to dance to some dancehal and she got it on tape. Chech it out on instagram and facebook Subtropical#156. Enjoy!!

Producer, selector & Host: Anna Olin Diaz
SIdekick & Selectror: CHeezeboy, Roberth Walve
Sidekick: The Boss Man; Roberth Walve

SubTropical#156/16 Anna returns to studio 1 from Jamaica! This is so big so the station manager ”The Boss Man” enter todays show as a sidekick! Wicked!! Interviews with a Jamaican police detective and DJ K Kerr. A lot of dancehall and reggae and uprising, hilarious conversations between those unique personalities! Arists like Vybz Kartel, Menace Dark-Ead, Nesbeth, Bob Marley, Erroll Thompsson, Shaggy and many more!

Producer, host and selector: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick: Roberth Walve ”Mr Boss Man”
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/15 Öland Roots part 2 The second and final part of SubTropicals cover up from the Öland Roots festival! Interviews with MILLION STYLEZ, PARTIET, THE JAHNAMAN BAND & REGGAEONEN. A wonderful ending if a amazing SubPerbical festival!! Anna will go USA and Jamaica for a month so SubTropical will be back again in september, with a lot of new hot stuff! You can Listen DJ KERR Dancehall mix and replays of SubTropical and Caribbean Fika Dub all august! Find all pods here on mix cloud or

Host, Selector and producer: Anna Olin Diaz
Side-Kick and selector: Darren Keating
Side-Kick and selector: Marcus Christersson (absent this show)
Selector and historian: Senor Yadir Fidalgo Trujillo
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/14 Öland Roots part I 

Anna & Darren are still vibrating from all the good energy at the Öland Roots Festival. Listen to them, good Music and great interviews with the artists TWANG SYSTEM, ESSA CHAM and DANIEL LEMMA. We Also welcome and introduce DJ K KERR from Jamaica that have done us a great DancehallReggaeMix that finishing up the brilliant Subperbical show of today! Enjoy! And all thanks and the biggest UP to ÖLAND ROOTS, all artists and all visitors that made the most wounderful festival! Next week we continue with more interviews and Music from the festival, and more Dj K KERR.

BIG Thanks to Alexander Perlheden from LR-FOTO.SE that let us publish his photo of Twang System!! (the two placed down in the collage).

Host, Producer and selector: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick & Selector & Photo: Darren Keating
Sidekick & Selector: Cheezeboy, Marcus Christersson (Not in this show, hes enjoying himself in another place)
Selector & Historian: Yadir Trujillo Fidalgo
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156/13 Mr Fresh CheezeBoy have some problems today, whit his Machines and whit is hearing and with his…yeah..Everything. But the Music they play dont have any problems! Great Like Always

SubTropical#156/12 The Danish Trust  Today you get some delicious danish pastery, reggae Music and talk about trust, love punishment and private Courts.

SubTropical#156 The Mother of the Year #11 The tornado child is taking over the studio and Anna gets the titel the Mother of the Year by Mr Cheeze Snot Crow. Alot of great Music like alway and extra dancing in the studio 1 of Radio Oskarshamn.

SubTropical#156 — the return #10 Back after 2 weeks. Nothing special to say more then that we play good Music for you. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

SubTropical#156 No Name #9 Really good mix today by the brilliant reggaeradio-couple of fatheads! Anna & Marcus deliver like Always. Listen to them giving you there heart and soul in this reggae show!
Host, selector & Producer: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick & Selector: Marcus Christersson
Selector & Historian: Yadir Trujillo Fidalgo

SubTropical#156 The Reggae Animal Show #8 Welcome to the reggaeanimal show! In this one Anna and Marcus only play tunes related to animals in someway. Get ready for a wicked show with alot of great sounds and Music.
Host, Selector & Producer: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick and Co-selector: Marcus Christersson
Co-Selector and Historian: Senor Yadir Trujillo Fidalgo
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156 Still my love #7 A great mix of SKA, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub and even Dancehall today. Always enjoyable with Anna and Marcus. Some bloopers from Marcus today though, but its okey because he is ”still our love”!

SubTropical#156 Dirty Hands #6 Anna tries hard to brake Cheezeboys pittyfulness and in the end she almost make it when he finally show off his Dirty hands! She let him pick out alot of the Music today so beware.

SubTropical#156 Piece of Shit Phones and Naugthy Reggae#5 Piece of shit phones show and some real good naughty reggae porn! SubTropical number five is the show of your Dreams or maybe nightmares depends on your preferations in Life! But good Music, that we promiss you wounderful lovers out there!

SubTropical#156 The Punishment #4 The fourth show of Subtropical#156 deliviers good reggae music as usual blended with our swenglish farmerspoken language. Marcus CheeseMaster feels the whiplash from Anna. He deserves it. Enjoy!
Selector, host &producer: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick and co-selector: Marcus Masta de fromage
Co-selector and historian: Yadir Fidalgo Trujillo
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156 The Ginger Soldier Show #3  Many reggae soldiers and warriors enters this 3d round of SubTropical and Cheezeboy gets to try a for him new drink, but hes a bit to weak for it. A big mix of crispy and grounded walking bass sounds from very old to more new reggae and rocksteady records! Greeeeeat like always!
Selector, host & producer: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick & Co-Selector: The Cheezeboy Marcus Christersson
Co-Selector & historian: Señor Yadir Fidalgo Trujillo
Radio Oskarshamn 2016

SubTropical#156 The Smelly Pity Show #2 In this second round of SubTropical mr CheezeBoy do The smelly Pity Show! And Anna do her best to fix the situation and maybe she succeed. They play a great mix of the beeeeeest reggae music for you.
Host, selector & producer: Anna Olin Diaz
Sidekick & Co-Selector: Cheezemaster
Co-selector: Señor Yadir

SubTropical#156 The Premiere Show  The Premiere Show of Radio Oskarshamns new Reggae Show SubTropical #156. This show is wicked and you will get to know two of the three selectors that do a great first show of this succés to be! Listen and enjoy!
Host, selector & producer: Anna Olin Diaz
Co-selector & Sidekick: The Cheezemaster Marcus Christersson
Co-selector: Señor Yadir