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The Burst Hour show is the show for the upcoming artist to burst!

DJ Anna, the SubTropical Radios station manager, have got so much music from unknown upcoming artists and she felt that those tracks need to get a special arena at the SubTropical Station! THE BURST HOUR!! This show gives the upcoming reggae, dancehall and afro beat artists a great opportunity to get their music spread! With Upcoming artist we mean those artist, young or old, that have not yet done there brake through, not yet burst out like the start they really are. In the Burst Hour we play only those artists. Around 20 tracks are selected for every show and 3 of those will do the SubTropical Burst and win a Powerplay for one month, until the next Burst Hour winner take over.

1st Burst get 21 spinns a day

2d Burst get 12 spins a day

3d Burst get 8 spins a day

To submit your tracks just send them to subtropicalburst@gmail.com 
Send them as MP3 and make sure they have PROPER TAGS with ARTIST, TITLE, GENGRE & YEAR.

If you have submitted your tracks and do not get played in the closest show, chin up, u can still get played in coming shows 😉


Next Burst Hour is 23d February