Caribbean Fika Dub

Caribbean Fika Dub
Om programmet

Ariel Diaz Garcia var en musikintresserad och rytmfylld konstnär. I hans program blev det karibisk musik med inriktning mot Dub och Reggae. Dub är ett ord för nya mixar av befintliga inspelningar, där instrument kan byta plats, rytmer kan överraska och oväntade ljudeffekter kan dyka upp. Improvisation och freedom. Caribbean fika dub är en show ”in Dub”. Mellan låtarna, som inte sällan kan komma från vinylskivor, delade Mr Fika Dub med sig av allt ifrån kunskap om musiken till oväntade intervjuer. Med sig i studio 2 var inte sällan hans sidekick Mr Walve.

Programmet Caribbean Fika Dub blev väldigt snabbt mycket populärt internationellt och var varje vecka med på flera av Mixclouds top10-listor. Programmet kom till och med på 1:a plats i intervjugenren. Mr Fika Dub var något alldeles extra och han var All Heart i allt han gjorde, ett unikum och den största kämpen. Det är en stor ära för Radio Oskarshamn att få ha haft honom som medarbetare hos oss. Alla program som Ariel gjorde innan sin borgång i januari 2016 finner ni här nedan.

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Ariel Diaz Garcia Memorial Show  This show is a 4 hour long Memorial Tribute show for our loved friend, husband and father, Mr Fika Dub, Ariel Diaz Garcia, that left this life Friday 8 January 2016. It’s a beautiful tribute and celebration of this genuine and talanted human being that always with love and passion made his show and his life special for so many people around him. One Love Ariel!!

Caribbean Fika Dub 25 The Nuevo Ano  DJ Ariel Diaz Garcia aka Mr Fika Dub, is opening the New Year 2016 with a wicked show filled with extra reggae dub music. More music, less talk but loaded with good vibes and energy! Enjoy the new dub year!

Caribbean Fika Dub 24 Caribbean Christmas Special  Mr Fika Dub have invited reindeers into the studio 1. Meet them and him in this Christmas special full of Christmas Dub, Reggae, Salsa, Calypso and Bosanova. Merry Christmas & Happy New year from the Caribbean Fika Dub team. Thank you all for this year. See youy for the next! ONE LOVE!

Caribbean Fika Dub 23 Good Match In this show You’ll finally meet Mr Fika Dub’s partner in crime, The Producer behind the scenes, The wife, The Witch, she has many names. They will play you the best music and tell you some details about there good match in Ambous Mundos, a different love. Mr Fika Dub also introduce to you his digital dog and a lot of things are going on in studio1 this Saturday. A beautiful show!

Caribbean Fika Dub 22 The Arist ARIEL DIAZ GARCIA  In this show you’ll finaly meet the Artist Ariel Diaz Garcia, Mr Fika Dubs original profession. He’ll paint in the studio during the program and he himself get questioned about his artistry. Don’t miss this show of Art.

Caribbean Fika Dub 21 The Girl From Ipanema  In this show we open more the door to the samba jazz club in Brasil. And we follow the hunt of The Girl from Ipanema. You will get live recorded Brasilian jazz and reggae and dub of course. Enjoy!!

Caribbean Fika Dub 20 The Friendly Psychologist  In this show you’ll meet the Cuban psychologist Barbara Perez that works and live in Stockholm, Sweden since way back. There will be a lot of sweet feelings between friends and talk about life, friends, Oskarshamn & Cuba. Maybe they toghether give you some taste of the musical street Life of Habana. Självklart a lots of reggae and dub music.

Caribbean Fika Dub 19 Mr Fika Dub & Mr Walve continue there trip through the Fika Dub history. They remember and play some high light moments. You will here the legendary Haldol Riddim from Fika Dub #2 among others. Great jokes and laughs and music like always!!

Caribbean Fika Dub 18 The Return of Mr Walve Mr Walve Returns from Brasil! That means, Get ready for an old school original Caribbean Fika Dub filled with laughs and great music from this terrific duo in DUB Mr Fika Dub & Mr Walve. In this show you’ll hear a lot mof Dub and reggae but also some Samba och brasilian music that Mr Walve brought from his journey, he also got a very special souvernir.

Caribbean Fika Dub 17 The Artists 

Caribbean Fika Dub 16 The Cookie Show The BEST Pastry Chef in Sweden! In this show you meet the pastry chef of the Swedish culinary team and the winner of The ”Pastry Chef of the Year” 2015, Anders Oscarsson, Co-owner of Nilssons Konditori i Oskarshamn. Mr Fika Dub go behind the scenes, into the sweet sweet bakery at Nilssons Konditori and talk with Anders and his team. Like always a lot of great reggae music, Sugar Minot, Marcia Griffiths & Cutty Ranks, Gregory Isaacs, King Tubby, Chocolate Factory Band, Chronixx among others. Enjoy the sweeeeet show! One Love

Caribbean Fika Dub 15 Horse Edition  In our little town Oskarshamn we have The Man awarded for the Best Farrier in Sweden!! In this show he visit Mr Fika Dub and they find out that they have a lot of feeling for horses in common. Listen and enjoy this Horse Edition and get to know the horse man Stenne Alskans in a very pleasant way.

Caribbean Fika Dub 14 Beard Special In this Caribbean Fika Dub, BEARD is the subject. Studio 2 is full of local Beards and together they decide to make the opening of the first Local International Beard Day in Oskarshamn. You will hear a lot of laughs but also serious talking about beard and historical and social analyses of its meaning in society. This is a great and historical show om Caribbean Fika Dub. You shouldn’t miss it!

Caribbean Fika Dub 13 On The Sea  Caribbean Fika Dub take there coffee on the Baltic Sea this Saturday. They go out from Ernemar harbour with the super boat and its Capitan More 10. Mr Fika Dub point out the giant importance of water and give us his view if how to save and respect life. Like always great reggae music!

Caribbean Fika Dub 12 Café Special In show number 12 Mr Fika Dub and Mr Walve go out on location to drink their coffee in Konditori Flanaden. Conversations about the need of art in town, the beautiful and tasty coffee shop and alots of great reggae music like always. They hope to meet some interesting people but they get ambushed by a not so unfamiliar criminal, that involve them in dirty business. How will they handle this!!? This upload was 3rd in the Interview chart, among others.

Caribbean Fika Dub 11 The Professor  In this show the Univerity Professor in Sociology, Ulf Drugge, is guesting studio 2 and Mr Fika Dub. He has a lot of great old caribbean music with him. Conversations about music, art, science and the situations for the youth today, is to come. Don’t miss the number 1 radio show!

Caribbean Fika Dub 10 Special Brain Edition   Mr Fika Dub and Mr Walve is digging deep into the brain in this show and they have Psychiatry Doctor Lukasz as a guest. Get ready for wicked and serious conversations! This show is a real education and its filled with the best reggae music of course! This upload was 1st in the Interview chart!! among others.

Caribbean Fika Dub 9 Cuba Especial  In show number nine Mr Fika Dub get the questions and he will take you on a tour inside his life and mind as a cuban, in and outside Cuba. And of course alot of great reggae, dub and cuban music, and some wicked speaches too. Listen and you will enjoy! Surely! This upload was 2nd in the Interview chart, among others.

Caribbean Fika Dub 8  This show is a Bob Marley tribute, filled with famous and also unreleased tunes by Bob Marley. Ofcourse we will also hear Marley in Dub! Mr Fika Dub and his guest Michael Tsiparis are sharing music, myths, information and personal stories and opinions in the subject. They don’t always agree. A great and interesting show with music by Bob Marley that you maybe never heard before! Enjoy!! This upload was 2th in the Interview chart  among others.

Caribbean Fika Dub 7  Welcome to number 7 of Caribbean FIka Dub! This show is filled with great Dub, Roots Reggae and personality! But today we got an uninvited guest to studio 2, but don’t worry! Mr Fika Dub and Mr Walve handled it great like always! Enjoy the Fika Dub! This upload was 2nd in the Interview chart and 3rd in the Roots Reggae chart, among others.

Caribbean Fika Dub 6  This show is filled with great conversations in dub, riddims, and the first live music appearance in studio 2. Of course, it´s only the best reggae, dub and other sweet vibes coming to your speakers. And a uninvited woman in the coffee machine! Enjoy! One love!! This pod was 5th in the Roots Reggae chart and 12th in the Dub chart among others.

Caribbean Fika Dub 5  The fifth show from DJ Ariel Diaz Garcia – a show filled with reggae, dub and other vibrating music. For the first time we go to ”Calinavia” with an interesting interview with Yadir Fidalgo Trujillo from San Francisco, who is more than an expert in reggae music and other genres. This show was 9th in the  Roots Reggae chart, among others.

Caribbean Fika Dub 4  Radio Oskarshamn’s international reggae and dub show enter the airwaves for the fourth time. DJ Ariel Diaz Garcia will entertain u together with his sidekick Mr Walve, he will give the best mix of music and conversations in Dub. A perfect personality! The best! Listen & enjoy!

Caribbean Fika Dub 3  The third show from DJ Ariel Diaz Garcia ”Caribbean Fika Dub” in studio 2. Lots of good vibes, riddim and coffee. And interviews with DJ Sister Dread from Sister Dread production, and the old time reggae fanatic Rikard Larsson från Göteborg. And ofcourse DUBtastic music and a new surprise riddim from the perfect studio-duo. Enjoy!

Caribbean Fika Dub 2  Radio Oskarshamn’s cuban DJ Ariel Diaz Garcia with a new show filled with vibes. This show have the exclusive, master Haldol-Riddim by Mr Fika Dub and Mr Walve, you can’t miss!!! Also interview with the composer and percussionist Kristina Aspeqvist that play master voodou drum snd much more.

Caribbean Fika Dub 1  The premiere show of Radio Oskarshamns exclusive Roots Reggae Dub Show. With the cuban DJ Ariel Diaz Garcia that share with you all of his best music, feelings, thinking, wounderful personality, and of course coffee, in Caribbean Fika Dub!!